How To Take Interesting Portraits

Seeing that most people’s only contact with taking pictures is connected with their smartphones, and that the most common photos taken in that fashion are that of their friends, there has been a surge in number of portraits taken the world over, and other people were a rather common subject of photos even before that. With this in mind, I thought that it might be a good idea to give you some basic pointers on what you can do to make the portraits you take stand out and be original in some way.

Seeing that you are not working with an inanimate object, you should try and learn how to convey your idea to the subject of the photo. This allows you to, instead of playing with settings in order to achieve a certain effect, fine tune the reality in order to create the desired impression.

Posed shots can look nice, especially if the person posing is naturally photogenic, however, some of the most interesting photographs are those of people who had no idea that they are being photographed. This ensures that the moment you are capturing is real and not set up, which is something that can easily be recognized in a photo.

Even though straight up portraits are the convention, you should experiment with different angles from which you take the shot. This allows you to accentuate certain parts of the subject, as well as use shadows and light to create interesting effects.

Partially concealing parts of the subjects face can also produce and interesting effect. You can for instance, only leave the subject’s eyes uncovered, while the rest of the face can be in a carefully constructed shadow, or covered with clothing. Photos of this type are great at engaging the viewer’s imagination, and that, after all is one of the main goals of any kind of art.

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